• Runs a search of your machine’s insurance claims history
  • Find reports of damage and theft loss, or other compromising claims
  • Run a comprehensive search to determine whether any financial institutions have an interest in the equipment
  • Review sale price to determine if machine is within market value, or is exceptionally low which could indicate the machine is questionable
  • Confirms the machine details are valid and accurate for the equipment in question


What information is on my IRONcheck report?

With an IRONcheck report, you gain access to over 20 million heavy equipment theft and ownership records. These can be used to establish PIN accuracy and history. Your report will identify any inaccuracies found by our analysts, as well as an insurance claim history search for each machine you review. This includes: damage history, prior theft recovery, and any other known claim that compromises the equipment’s safety or integrity.

You’ll also receive support from trained NER analysts with over 90 years of combined experience in construction and agriculture. They’re experts at spotting inconsistencies in PIN plates and model numbers, and performing detailed visual inspections.

How soon will I receive my report?

You’ll receive you IRONcheck report within 24 business hours of your request.

How much does an IRONcheck search cost?

An individual IRONcheck search is $29.95, please contact our analysts for information on subscriptions or bulk discounts.

What happens if my equipment was previously stolen?

In the event that we confirm your equipment was stolen, NER asks that you cooperate in our efforts to restore the designated equipment to its rightful owner.

Does my IRONcheck report come with a guarantee?

No. NER cannot accept responsibility for, and makes no representation or warranty to an IRONcheck buyer or any other person with respect to any loss, claim, damage or expense arising from or in relation to: the failure to “match” Equipment with Equipment on the Register; the accuracy of any report recorded on the Register; Equipment not listed on the Register; failure of recovery for an equipment owner listed on the Register; failure of the owner’s agent or insurer or law enforcement to notify NER of the recovery.


An IRONcheck search is $29.95—and will save you thousands in the long run. Invest in protecting yourself against selling or purchasing stolen equipment. Run IRONcheck today.

What’s Included
Verify PIN accuracy orangeCheckboxCircle
Theft database search orangeCheckboxCircle
Insurance claim history search orangeCheckboxCircle
UCC history search orangeCheckboxCircle
PRICE $29.95
Run IRONcheck

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