Industries We Serve


Heavy equipment connects a wide web of industries. When it’s stolen, these sectors share a common objective: to get it back. NER aids them in these efforts.

NER works to deter heavy equipment theft with three cutting-edge tools:

  • IRONwatch is a no monthly fee GPS tracking system that can locate equipment in over 60 countries around the world.
  • HELPtech is an ownership database used extensively by law enforcement to identify rightful owners and recover stolen equipment.
  • IRONcheck provides a detailed history report that verifies your seller has provided accurate details and the equipment has not previously been stolen.

Each of our products is affordable and effective, and has the potential to save you thousands in fines, fees, and stalled work costs. We partner with over 70 insurance agencies and companies that offer you incentives to invest in our services.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or manufacturing heavy machinery, we provide the tools to help keep it safe.

Fleet Owners

If you work in agriculture, construction, or industrial services, your business relies on heavy equipment. Therefore, you’re invested in keeping it safe. Fortunately, NER is here to help. Our organization exists for the sole purpose of protecting, locating, and recovering stolen heavy equipment.

Law Enforcement

Not long ago, law enforcement lacked an effective, real-time solution for identifying rightful equipment owners and recovering their stolen machines.

With the advent of our unique HELPtech database, law enforcement officials now have access to over 20 million heavy equipment ownership records and thousands of theft reports from active police files. They use this information to locate and recover your equipment—bringing a useful and necessary layer of investigative service to this challenging industry.


NER partners with over 90% of insurance companies that insure the heavy equipment industry—many of which offer their policyholders incentives to use our services.

In return, you’ll receive employee training on our various databases and tools, direct access to our experts for technical support, and improved loss prevention programs for clients. Benefit from improved recovery and theft retention rates—and a service offering that makes them eager to choose you.

Agents & Brokers

Agents and brokers play a large part in spreading the word about NER’s services to their clients. In return, we offer training, education, and policyholder discounts—leading to an enhanced partnership with you, built on security and trust.


The used equipment market is thriving. But lenders lack a clear way to ensure their machinery hasn’t previously been stolen.

With IRONcheck, you can investigate your equipment’s history prior to issuing a loan. Our analysts cross-check your machine’s history and finance records, serial number, and current market value against our theft database to produce a detailed report. This can also help you keep track of equipment in the event of a loan default.

Used Equipment

Whether you own, rent, buy, or sell used equipment, you have a vested interest in its safety. This includes verifying an unblemished history report, protecting that machinery, and recovering it in the event of theft.

NER works to provide just that with all three of our unique products. Trust us to protect your assets—and deter theft.