Insurance Incentives

Policy Holders’ Machinery & Coverage

An important part of NER’s success has been the support of leading insurers. Insurers recognize the importance of pre-registering equipment on the database to help deter theft and increase recovery rates.

Equipment owners may receive premium discounts, deductible waivers, or other considerations if they register their equipment with NER. A $10,000 theft deductible waiver is the most common incentive.

Insurance agents and brokers are another important part of NER’s efforts to spread the word about preventing equipment theft.  NER has formed a strategic alliance with a number of agents and brokers who understand the importance of having their clients pre-register equipment on the NER database in order to help deter theft and increase recovery rates.

Policyholders should speak with their agent and agents should speak with their local underwriter to discuss each company’s underwriting position.

NOTE: Many insurance companies own subsidiaries that operate under names not listed on this page. If you do not see your insurance company listed contact NER to see if you may be eligible for the HELPtech pre-registration benefits.

Insurance Companies

When your policyholders’ machinery is stolen, you pay the price in covered costs. NER helps them avoid theft in the first place, while providing an increased chance of recovery. Partner with us to offer better protection—and lower your potential costs.

Our suite of products includes vigilant heavy equipment prescreening and GPS tracking. We operate the world’s most comprehensive database of heavy machinery theft records, shared with law enforcement officials across the country. When you encourage potential policyholders to register with us, you protect yourself from incurring their damages—and benefit from stronger relationships and a better reputation.

Not sure how to convince your policyholders to register their equipment with NER? Many of our partners offer lower deductibles or discounted registration rates as incentive.

Protect your interests. Provide better service. Partner with NER.

Agents & Brokers

As an insurance agent or broker, you strive to provide the best possible coverage for your policyholders’ needs. But in the event of theft—a burgeoning problem faced by heavy equipment owners—you lack viable options, besides covering the costs. Unless you partner with NER.

Encourage your clients to register with NER, and benefit as they receive comprehensive theft protection. Our IRONcheck, IRONwatch, and HELPtech technologies prescreen, track, and verify your policyholders’ equipment against thousands of theft records. We increase their chances of theft prevention and equipment recovery—improving your policy and relationship as a result.

Many of our agents and brokers offer incentives like lower deductibles or discounted registration rates to get potential policyholders on board.

Safeguard your policyholders—and your interests. Join forces with NER.

Participating Companies