• Help law enforcement identify your equipment after a theft, increasing the odds and speed of recovery significantly
  • Deter thieves, through the HELPtech warning decals made available to members
  • Help you file a theft report using properly formatted serial numbers
  • Provide you with online access to your equipment over our secure server

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Don’t Leave Your Equipment Unprotected

Farm equipment, bulldozers and other construction machinery. Substantial iron—with valuable parts. Heavy equipment theft has become a billion dollar illegal industry—and law enforcement lacks the proper technology to fight it. HELPtech (Heavy Equipment Loss Prevention Technology) is our response to this undeserved

situation: an online database that tracks stolen heavy machinery. As the only database of this kind, law enforcement officials rely on it heavily to track and recover stolen equipment. Save money on expenses—from rental fees, to delay penalties, to stalling costs—and reclaim what’s yours.


How do I set up my HELPtech account?

Log in to NER on the upper right hand corner of the home page. Follow the link to register. Provide your email (your user ID), unique business or personal details, and contact information.

How do I register my equipment on HELPtech?

After you’ve created your account, provide us with your business or personal details, as well as the make, model, year, and PIN for each piece of equipment in your fleet. You can choose to provide information such as your owner applied numbers (OAN), machine color, and serial numbers for valuable components or attachments on your machines.

If you’d like us to register your equipment for you, complete and send this template  to

What is a “PIN”?

“PIN” stands for Product Identification Number. It identifies an off-road machine, and can vary in format between manufacturers. It can’t be decoded by standard auto VIN edits on police or insurance systems.

At NER, we often use the term “PIN” to refer to the equipment’s identification number, whether that’s a Product Identification Number, serial number, Tractor ID number, etc.

Can I pay for HELPtech registration online?

Yes, you can pay for your registration through PayPal or our shopping cart with your credit card.

Can I use the PIN number on my invoice, or do I have to get it directly from my machine?

Provide the equipment details that appear directly on your machine’s plate. Often, the information recorded on your invoice is incomplete.

Which equipment should I register on HELPtech?

Our annual theft report can give you some insight on what kind of machinery thieves tend to target. Generally, we advise you to register any machinery from single axel compressors or generators to larger rolling stock like backhoes and wheel loaders.

Can I change my registered fleet schedule?

Yes, you can add or remove any equipment from your fleet at any time during your annual membership. To do so, locate your item in the equipment tab and check the corresponding box on the left. Click on the red ‘X’ on the right of the screen to confirm you’ve deleted your item.

Does my equipment have to meet a minimum value to register with HELPtech?

No. As long as your machinery has a unique serial number or PIN, you can register.

Can I register off-road mobile equipment like golf carts, ATVs, or mowers?

Yes. If your mobile off-road equipment has a serial number or PIN, you can register it on HELPtech. Any self-powered equipment found on or around a construction site, farm, or timber operation can benefit from being registered on HELPtech.

Where should I place my HELPtech decals?

Place your HELPtech decals in an easily visible spot on your machine, such as near its PIN plate or driver’s seat. Seeing your decal will cause thieves to pause and consider their increased likelihood of being discovered by the police before stealing your machine.


How do I qualify for the HELPtech registration discount?

If you’re insured by one of our member companies or brokers, you’re eligible to receive a 20% discount when you register for HELPtech. Your insurance company determines any additional incentives, such as deductible waivers or premium discounts.

How can I tell my insurance company that I’m registered with HELPtech?

We won’t share your information with your insurance company unless you specifically ask us to do so. If your equipment is stolen and you file a claim, be sure to notify your claims representative that the equipment is registered with us, and you therefore qualify for the associated incentive. They will contact us directly to confirm your registration.

What insurance discounts am I eligible for with a HELPtech registration?

That’s up to your insurer. This list details insurance companies and brokers that offer incentives to HELPtech users. Check with your individual carrier to determine which incentives you qualify for.

The most commonly offered incentive is a theft deductible waiver of up to $10,000.

Can I register my equipment if I’m self-insured?

Yes—and we encourage you to do so! Lack of data is one of the greatest barriers to equipment recovery. Registering on HELPtech is the best way to protect your equipment.

Do all NER member insurance companies offer additional incentives for HELPtech registration?

No. Dozens of insurance companies participate in and support NER’s initiative without offering additional incentives. Ask your insurance broker or company directly about incentives they may offer.

How it Works

How does NER’s relationship with law enforcement help identify and recover stolen equipment?

NER’s HELPtech database enables law enforcement to verify the location of your equipment prior to theft through our extensive equipment record database and high working knowledge of equipment serial numbers.

What steps should I take if my equipment is stolen?

In the event of a theft, notify your local law enforcement agency as soon as possible to report the stolen item. (You can cancel the police report if it’s later determined an error.)

Then report the loss to NER. Use the “Report a Theft” link on our website, or call us at 866-663-7872. Your equipment does not have to be registered with us in order to report a theft. You can report a theft to us before law enforcement issues a report number.  If no police report has been filed or a civil filing is being processed, report your equipment as “missing”.

Who can access my HELPtech account information?

Once you register your equipment, law enforcement, their investigative agents, and NER analysts can immediately access its information.

NER will not share your account information with your insurer without your authorization. If you wish to receive insurance deductibles and premiums you can opt to share your details with your insurer.

Refer to our privacy document for further details.

Is my specific account information used in industry reports?

No, NER only uses aggregate information in industry reports.


How do I reset my HELPtech password?

If your account has not been locked, log on to our website and locate the User Details tab. Enter your new password twice, and then hit save.

If your account has locked out, we’ll reset your password for you. Contact an NER analyst at 866-663-7872 or send an email request to

How do I correct a mistake in a record or serial number?

We can fix any errors on your record or serial number for you. Call an NER analyst directly at 866-663-7872 or email with both numbers.


Submitting this report will significantly increase the chance that your equipment will be recovered. You will be asked to provide information on you, the stolen equipment, loss details and insurance information and to accept our Terms & Conditions. NER will only use this information to help recover your stolen item.

# of Items Annual Fee
Up to 50 $250
Up to 150 $450
Up to 1,000 $750
Over 1,000 Call us for pricing
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