IRONwatch Locate


NER and KYCS Global have collaborated to bring the leading theft-recovery solution to the heavy equipment market.

  • No monthly fees.
  • Simple installation, no wiring, completely self-contained, and will not affect manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Can obtain satellite signal from inside a sealed shipping container.
  • Free HELPtech registration with purchase.
  • KYCS Locate web software and mobile app.

Locate and recover your lost equipment

Equipment theft results in increased overhead, operating, security, and insurance costs. It also creates scheduling hurdles and lost people-hours of production that could have a crippling effect on your business. IRONwatch Locate protects your equipment and your business.

Real Peace of Mind

Featuring state-of-the-art wireless technology, our dedicated 24/7 recovery specialists work with law enforcement to assist in recovering your asset across North America. IRONwatch Locate is exclusively partnered with Crime Stoppers USA and Canada. No other system offers the protection and peace of mind that IRONwatch Locate does.

The Choice is Clear

  • IRONwatch Locate is the most effective equipment recovery solution available.
  • Capable of locating or recovering your stolen equipment in very harsh conditions, often within a few hours.

The IRONwatch Locate Recovery Advantage

Through KYCS exclusive partnership with Crime Stoppers, their Internal Theft Recovery Team carries out each and every theft recovery with law enforcement on your behalf from start to finish ensuring your safety at all times, while providing the most efficient recovery service in the market.

The IRONwatch Locate Difference

The new ruggedized IRONwatch Locate devices are:

  • Virtually undetectable by thieves.
  • Completely self-contained and install in seconds.
  • Operates on the strongest networks to ensure the best connectivity at all times.
  • NO Monthly Fees or subscription fees.

Product Selection Chart

IRONwatch XP IRONwatch XT IRONwatch XR IRONwatch XR
Locations Per Day 1 1 2 Up to 4
Size 4.1 x 1 x 3.25 in.
105 x 24 x 82 mm.
5.5 x 1.2 x 3.4 in.
141 x 30 x 85 mm.
6.8 x 1.2 x 3.4 in.
175 x 30 x 85 mm.
6.8 x 1.2 x 3.4 in.
175 x 30 x 85 mm.
Service Time 4 Years 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years
Temperature Ratings -22oF to 176oF
-30oC to 80oC
-22oF to 176oF
-30oC to 80oC
-22oF to 176oF
-30oC to 80oC
-22oF to 176oF
-30oC to 80oC

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IRONwatch Locate?

– IRONwatch Locate is theft-recovery and location device, with companion web software and mobile app
– Up to 5 years of service
– 5-year manufacturer’s defect warranty
– Insurance benefits (see below)

What are the insurance benefits of IRONwatch Locate?

– When you purchase an IRONwatch Locate, we enter your equipment details on our HELPtech database. This makes you eligible for the same insurance incentives available to all HELPtech users.
– Eligible customers receive waiver of deductible of up to $10,000
View Participating insurance companies here

Does IRONwatch Locate come with any fees?

– No monthly fees
– No subscription fees
– IRONwatch Locate is a one time cost

How does IRONwatch Locate stay ahead of thieves?

– IRONwatch Locate is virtually undetectable by thieves. It provides location data up to 4 times per day and remains in “Deep Sleep Mode” between reporting intervals to avoid detection by thieves with radio frequency scanners – an inexpensive tool often used by equipment thieves.
– You can review the daily device location history at any time online or on the mobile app

What do I do in case of theft?

– Call 1-866-800-4111 with your IRONwatch Locate device ID number and/or VIN number so our In-House Theft-Recovery Team can start the process of recovering your asset
– Call police to obtain a police incident number, then contact 1-866-800-4111 to provide the police incident number to our Recovery team. We will handle it from there.
– You can also report a theft online by visiting

How does installing IRONwatch Locate in my equipment help me get my equipment back when stolen?

– IRONwatch Locate is the most advanced theft recovery system in the market. It uses multiple technologies working together to bolster its theft recovery abilities
– IRONwatch Locate is able to obtain an accurate Satellite signal from inside a shipping container. This is a major technological breakthrough. We are unaware of any other theft recovery product that can do this. Historically, once a stolen asset was hidden in a container by thieves, the asset was nearly impossible to recover. However, with this breakthrough technology, IRONwatch Locate is recovering more assets than was ever considered possible.
– IRONwatch Locate’s In-House Theft-Recovery Team works directly with law-enforcement across North America; including to secure warrants to search private property
– Our Recovery Team has unmatched relationships with Law Enforcement, Port Authorities and Border Agencies – making IRONwatch Locate your best chance of recovering your stolen asset

Are there any additional charges for theft recoveries?

No. IRONwatch Locate is a one-time cost, with no monthly fees, subscription fees or any other fees.

How do I assign my IRONwatch Locate to a specific piece of my equipment?

How do I create a virtual fence/geo fence around my equipment?

Does IRONwatch Locate need to be hardwired into my equipment?

No. IRONwatch Locate is self-powered and completely self-contained, with no wiring of any kind necessary. This makes it harder for thieves to detect and disable as it can be more effectively hidden in your equipment.

Can I request custom features?

Our in-house research and development team is always looking for ways to continuously improve IRONwatch Locate. For any development related questions, please email us at

Can I switch IRONwatch Locate to another piece of equipment?

Yes. During the term of service, you can switch IRONwatch Locate from one piece of equipment to another. Please contact NER at or call 866-663-7872 to update your HELPtech account. Please also sync the IRONwatch Locate device to your new piece of equipment in the web software or mobile app

What if I have a question or require support?

Visit is at and click “continue as guest”
Call us at 1-866-800-4111
Email us at

How do I become an IRONwatch Locate reseller?

Many of our clients become resellers. If you are interested in reselling IRONwatch Locate, please contact our sales team at