Verisk Analytics Launches IRONwatch on the AT&T Network —
An Equipment Location and Recovery Solution with No Monthly Fees

JERSEY CITY, N.J., October 5, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Verisk Analytics (Nasdaq:VRSK) announced today the launch of IRONwatch, a wireless tracking and recovery device for mobile heavy equipment with no monthly fees. IRONwatch was developed for construction, farm, and industrial equipment by the National Equipment Register (NER), a member of the Verisk Analytics family of companies, and Nevada-based American Security Logistics (ASL) and is supported by the AT&T wireless network.

The unique IRONwatch “sleeping SIM” capability makes tracking and recovery affordable, because IRONwatch does not incur a monthly fee. With a durable three-month internal battery life, IRONwatch is supported by a 24-hour, fully staffed service call center that uses the national GPS 911 system as well as NER’s extensive experience and success in supporting the investigation and recovery of stolen equipment. With this support system in place, IRONwatch delivers quick and accurate location and recovery information to equipment owners and law enforcement for misplaced or stolen equipment. 

“IRONwatch is the missing part of the equipment security puzzle,” said David Shillingford, president of NER. “For the last ten years, we’ve been hearing growing frustration from equipment owners who want a simple equipment location and recovery device that is low-cost, easily installed, robust, tamper-evident, and has no monthly fee. IRONwatch has the potential to change the way after-market equipment security and tracking are delivered. The level of interest expressed by equipment owners, rental companies, and their insurers and finance companies during our market research is very encouraging.” 

“This technology will change the game when it comes to monitoring the location and facilitating the recovery of lost or stolen equipment,” said Stephen Rybar, president, American Security Logistics. “Until now, the ongoing monthly cost of this type of service has been prohibitive for most rental or construction owners. But with our process, there is no monthly service charge. The customer is only charged if and when the service is used. The recovery of lost or stolen equipment can potentially save the consumer on insurance costs as well as provide peace of mind.”

Tracking information will be delivered across the AT&T nationwide network.

“This is a cost-effective option for equipment owners who manage and monitor heavy equipment across many industries,” said Glenn Lurie, president of emerging devices, resale and partnerships, AT&T. “We look forward to providing the wireless network that helps businesses connect and recover valuable assets through this innovative tracking solution.”

About American Security Logistics
American Security Logistics LLC (ASL) is a subsidiary of American Security & Protective Services of Las Vegas, Nevada. ASL provides an extensive line of unique technologies and services and products. In addition, ASL provides an Emergency Response Center (ERC), for responding to consumer requests, marketing, and technical consultants specializing in security planning, including the tracking and recovery of high-value assets. ASL maintains an expertise in providing tracking, recovery, and supporting technologies with GPS, GPRS, RFID, and other products. ASL conducts research, development, testing, and evaluation (RDT&E) of all types of tracking and monitoring equipment and products, such as trucks, autos, boats, equipment, construction vehicles, shipments, and containers. You can visit the ASL website at or

About National Equipment Register
National Equipment Register (NER), a member of the Verisk Analytics family of companies, helps equipment owners manage equipment risks. Since 2001, NER has helped thousands of equipment owners and their insurers deter theft and has enabled law enforcement to recover millions of dollars of stolen equipment through HELPtech®, a national equipment marking and registration program. In 2009, NER launched IRONcheck®, a machine-history search for used-equipment buyers. NER’s data management skills and equipment expertise are also used by fleets to support compliance with new regulations. For more information, contact NER at 201-469-2030 or at You can visit the NER website at

About Verisk Analytics
Verisk Analytics (Nasdaq:VRSK) is a leading provider of information about risk to professionals in insurance, healthcare, mortgage, government, and risk management. Using advanced technologies to collect and analyze billions of records, Verisk Analytics draws on vast industry expertise and unique proprietary data sets to provide predictive analytics and decision-support solutions in fraud prevention, actuarial science, insurance coverages, fire protection, catastrophe and weather risk, data management, and many other fields. In the United States and around the world, Verisk Analytics helps customers protect people, property, and financial assets. For more information, visit

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