Winter Holiday Heavy Equipment Theft Trends Infographic and Security Tips and Best Practices

NER® wishes all our clients and Law Enforcement partners a happy, healthy, and safe winter holiday season.

We also wish everyone a crime free holiday. The reality is that thieves undoubtedly will be active over the holiday, as recent reports to NER indicate that equipment theft continues in many areas despite the pandemic.

Equipment theft rates generally mirror the overall economy; in this new environment, theft patterns prove to be difficult to predict and all areas should consider equipment theft to be a viable threat over the holiday.

The infographic shows that historically, theft of equipment from job sites and dealerships over the holiday was the concern. Thus far in 2020, most machines were stolen while being transported or from storage locations. Equipment owners in all areas should be aware of this theft trend shift. Do not leave machines on trailers, even in secure yards.

With winter weather, equipment staged for snow removal will be increasingly targeted and need special consideration. The NER Snow Equipment Advisory has specific tips for law enforcement and equipment owners.

Try to do something proactive to prevent equipment crimes from occurring. Small steps and minor attention to details may be all it takes to deter an opportunistic thief that is targeting your area. Below are a few fundamentals for both law enforcement and equipment owners.

If you are the victim of a theft or receive a theft report, please report it to NER online, or email NER at with as little as the machine make, model and serial number plus the date and location of theft, and we’ll enter it for you. Want an NER alert on the theft? Let us know when we follow up.